Sciencia Analytica was established by industry specific specialists who are able to apply direct experience in manufacturing and leading edge analytical equipment to help solve industrial problems or assist in product development programmes. We have particular expertise in surface related technologies,  advanced materials, and medical and pharmaceutical products.

Discolouration Of Tablets Or Other Dosage Forms

We can work with you to understand formulation issues in solid pharmaceutical dosage forms. Inhomogeneous mixing, separation into phases or other problems can be addressed. Get in touch for a discussion.

Mapping Of Ingredients At A Surface

The ability to map the distribution of an ingredient or determine the ratio of ingredients through a product or on a surface is a powerful tool in product design. We can work with you to optimise formulations.

Fouling Of Surfaces

The fouling of surfaces in a marine environment or within storage vessels and processing equipment can be a function of many parameters such as surface tension, topography or local environment. The ability to probe surfaces in the fouling process is a valuable weapon in limiting the damage. Talk to us – we can help.

Medical Device Characterisation

The development of robust medical devices to meet stringent regulations can be challenging. The design process can be de-risked through a greater understanding of structure–property relationships. We have experience of medical device development and regulatory requirements.

Failure Modes At Interfaces

Failures at interfaces between fibre and resin in manufacturing of composites can have detrimental effects in downstream product. Powerful analytical techniques are available to probe interface chemistry and behaviour.

Delamination And Adhesion Issues

Adhesive failure at interfaces is a common problem in many industries. High magnification images by SEM coupled with chemical information from vibrational spectroscopies or SIMS can provide detail on possible failure modes. Call us for a discussion.

Surface Located Fibre Finishes And Additives In Textiles

Many additives in textile products have an effect on the surface properties of individual fibres. The presence or absence of these chemicals can be determined or often the distribution can also be mapped by several techniques.

Identification Of Contaminants In Product. Visible Defects And Sub-micron Particles.

A variety of techniques can be applied from conventional optical microscopy and SEM to sophisticated XPS/SIMS to characterise fibres, particles, stains and other contaminants and identify the source of the problem. Contact us for further information.

Migration Of Additives In Paint Or Thin Polymer Films

Low molecular weight additives within polymeric binders migrate to the surface over time often to confer a particular property to the product surface. As the surface is continuously replenished by migration from this reservoir the amount and distribution of the molecules is important in many industries. Our techniques yield valuable information in these sectors. Contact us for a discussion.