Marine And Decorative Paints

Marine paint formulations often contain additives which are designed to migrate to the surface to create a particular surface property such as antifouling. The distribution of these additives at a surface can often be determined. Contamination or coating defects at decorative or architectural paint surfaces can also be identified. We have experience of the decorative, marine and powder coating industries.


Inks And Coatings Industry

Coatings can be chemically complex containing polymer binders, solid inorganics and a multitude of small molecule additives. As well as a decorative effect coatings will often impart a unique surface characteristic which is different to the bulk material. Detailed studies of surface composition can assist in formulation and optimisation of this effect.


Barrier Films

Barrier films in for example surgical gloves and sexual health products are produced to exacting quality standards. We have extensive knowledge of development and manufacture of such products. Contamination, hole formation and causes of film failure are  issues which can arise and need to be investigated to prevent reoccurrence.


Textiles And Fibres

We are able to identify individual fibres  suspected of contaminating a given product or can identify and map the surface finishes and additives at the fibre surface. Process issues and manufacturing problems can also be addressed.  Sciencia Analytica have close links to the textile industry and textile technology.


Packaging Industry

Packaging systems can often be multi-layer, multi-material and technically complex in construction. Interactions between product and packaging, deterioration on ageing and surface related adhesion issues and delamination are common failure modes. The latest surface analysis technologies can be utilised  for problem solving and the development of new products.



We undertake research and development projects in the automotive industry and investigate individual quality issues examining paint and coating failures, delamination and other issues in plastics, composites, glass, rubber and textile materials.


Medical Devices

Sciencia Analytica has a close association with the medical device industry from SMEs to multinationals. We are a valued partner in all stages of development of a device and in the  assessment of quality issues post market. Our expertise ranges from textile products such as wound dressings to catheters, surgical products and many more. With a good understanding of regulatory issues- we speak your language! Contact us for more information.



Sciencia Analytica work with manufacturers to identify issues with, for example, solid dose formats investigating discolouration, uneven distribution of ingredients, particle sizing, packaging issues and a range of other product problems.


Vitamins And Supplements

Sciencia Analytica analysts have a history of working with international pharmacy retail and the vitamins and supplements industry. We offer analytical support and problem solving in this sector.